Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

A review by Megan (age 14) and Ashlee (age old)

Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell / 2013 / 38 Chapters /433 pages / contemporary / 13+

Summary: Cath and Wren, identical twins, are heading to college. Wren is all about new college experiences; Cath just wants to continue writing her Simon and Baz fanfiction. Who needs social interactions when you have the Internet? But a crazy roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend (maybe? sometimes?) help drag her out of her self-imposed isolation and show her that sometimes real people can be worth knowing too. And that sometimes, it’s okay to write your own words.

Rating: TWO THUMBS UP! Seriously, if I had more than two thumbs, they would be up too.

Here’s Megan’s review: I loved this book, I chose this book because I am a totally fan girl. Also my librarian said it was  good book. I really like this author, she has an interesting writing style. I like the way she has fan fiction and parts of the books mention in this book. By the way the books mention in this book are real. I am going to read them because the way she describes them they sound amazing. I disliked this book because I think the author dragged on about things that aren’t that important. I really liked this book though. I am totally going to read more of her books. If you really like fan fictions and Harry Potter you would love this book.

My review: I love Rainbow Rowell. I think I also talked about her other book, Eleanor and Park. Seriously, I’m a total fangirl of Fangirl. Here’s a recent Twitter conversation I recently had, you might recognize another enthusiastic reader:


That’s Ms. Zweifel, the librarian at Milton Middle School. Rainbow Rowell actually responded to us! So yes, total fangirl moment. I honestly don’t know how to describe this book without annoyingly saying ‘love’ in every sentence. Please give this book a try. Like Megan says, if you like fanfiction, or even write fanfiction, this is a book for you. But also, if you like well-developed characters (a goofy, adorable boy anyone?), a unique storyline, and just a good book, please, PLEASE, check out this book. And let me know what you think.


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